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Native Language: Csillagok Háborúja, A Birodalom Visszavág, A Jedi Visszatér
Date / Version: (1979-84) Foreign
Artwork by: Tibor Helényi
Poster Size: 16" x 23" (40.64cm x 58.42cm)
Condition: NM, posters are single-sided, rolled as issued, and are in immaculate condition. Posters are printed on a medium matte paper and the colors are still bright and vivid, even though these are the monotone variations of the Hungarian Star Wars Trilogy posters. This trio of posters from the Hungarian theatrical release of the trilogy, is not only impossible to find, they are also in incredible shape considering their age. Don't miss out on snagging these for your collection. Please click on the extra large supersize thumbnail image to the right, to see all the small defects.

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  • Near Mint "NM" - Poster is virtually unused and in premium original condition. May have the slightest edge wear from improper handling, and a random scuff mark or two.
  • Excellent "EX" - Poster has minor flaws, may contain small scuffs and dimples, crinkles, minute edge tears, and wear, but highly presentable.
  • Fine "FN" - Poster has obvious small flaws from being in circulation and handled, but it is still highly presentable and in nice condition. Most used theatrical posters from around the world will fall into this category.
  • Good "GD"- Poster is acceptable, may have tears, folds, stains, tape on back, small pieces missing.
  • Poor "PR" - Poster is in bad condition and it should be restored. Unless otherwise noted, we usually do not sell any posters in this condition.

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All of these authentic items are original vintage theatrical or commercially issued posters. They were used for the advertisement of the movies and/or other events associated with the distribution and/or merchandising of the films. We do not sell photo/digital reprints or reproductions of these posters. These items are the "real deal" unless otherwise noted in the summary of the description. We try our best to give the fans/collectors an honest representation of the current condition of the poster/collectible. Many of these posters have become or are becoming extremely hard to find, especially with the renewed interest of the Star Wars film franchise.

Hungarian SW / ESB / ROTJ Monotone A2 Size One-Sheets


Star Wars

This A2 sized poster is the first piece from Tibor Helenyi's famous Hungarian Star Wars poster series. The poster is in an overall green monotone hue and the images are that of the Death Star exploding in the background, with a fierce Vader looking "phantom" warrior holding a lightsaber. R2's dome can also be seen, along with a dragon holding a machete, and Luke Skywalker's X-wing flying thru the trench towards the intended exhaust port target. At the top of the poster you will find the title "Csillagok Háborúja" between lightening bolts credits, along with the MOKEP symbol.

Empire Strikes Back

This A2 sized poster is the second piece from Tibor Helenyi's famous Hungarian Star Wars poster series. The poster has an overall purplish monotone hue and it contains the images of a pair of AT-AT's heading away from the planet of Hoth (?) in the background, while two Star Destroyers and Tie-fighters fly overhead. In the bottom third of the poster it portrays a Vader looking warrior image holding a lightsaber, standing in a line with what appears to be other warriors - Snowtroopers/Bounty Hunters. At the top of the poster it has the Hungarian Empire Strikes Back title (A Birodalom Visszavág), credits and MOKEP symbol.

Return of the Jedi

This poster has the image of Darth Vader's head in the background, with a fierce looking green warrior - presumably a Gamorrean guard, holding a spear, pictured at the bottom left hand side of the artwork. At the top, there is an Imperial shuttle and the Hungarian Return of the Jedi title (A Jedi Visszatér), credits, and the MOKEP symbol. This A2 sized reddish monotone hue poster is the third piece from Tibor Helenyi's famous Hungarian Star Wars poster series and it also has a Stormtrooper riding a speeder bike, an Imperial Star destroyer, and the right eye of the Darth Vader image contains the Death Star orb. The artist's signature is found on the right hand side of the illustration (Helényi).

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