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Native Language: Empire Strikes Back
Date / Version: (1980) Style "A"
Artwork by: Roger Kastel
Poster Size: 30" x 40" (76.2cm x 101.6cm)
Condition: EX, poster is single-sided, folded as issued, and contains minor handling wear. It does have a couple of crinkles and one corner has minor wear. There is also a minute edge tear on the left hand side. However, it is a really nice poster of an extremely rare quad that doesn't show up often and when it does it is usually trimmed. This one is a full 30" x 40" cinema issued version. Any Empire Strikes Back British quad fans would be delighted to have this in their collection. Please click on the extra large supersize thumbnail image to the right, to see all the small defects.

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  • Fine "FN" - Poster has obvious small flaws from being in circulation and handled, but it is still highly presentable and in nice condition. Most used theatrical posters from around the world will fall into this category.
  • Good "GD"- Poster is acceptable, may have tears, folds, stains, tape on back, small pieces missing.
  • Poor "PR" - Poster is in bad condition and it should be restored. Unless otherwise noted, we usually do not sell any posters in this condition.

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British Empire Strikes Back Style "A" Quad


This highly sought after quad poster contains the full Roger Kastel artwork, that included Lando Calrissian, Boba Fett, and a Hoth rebel cannon to go along with the famous "Gone with the Wind" pose of Han Solo and Princess Leia. Poster was replaced early on in the campaign by the other two more common style "B" Empire Strikes Back quads, making it an extremely rare find. It was featured in the Starburst Magazine Issue #45 (May '82), and most copies of this quad tend to be found trimmed after being used in the London Underground subway transit system, however, there are full 30" x 40" copies floating around that came from the cinemas like this one.

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